Portuguese Translation Published


We are thankful to announce that the Portuguese translation of New Life in Christ is being published in Brazil. Our thanks to missionary Bill Bacheller for his work on this project.

The PDF edition can be downloaded here: Nova Vida em Cristo
and on the Translations page.

We are networking with the Fermata retreat ministry for Brazilian pastors to promote equipping with this strategic tool. https://fermatapastores.com.br/

Translations Published

The New Life booklet has been translated into various languages. You are invited to partner with us for additional translation and distribution internationally.

We just scanned four of the translations to make them available online. We invite you to notify ministries and people who could benefit from these translated booklets. This content is also on the Translations page.

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Download Chinese translation: zipped file

Download Lisu translation: zipped file

Download Myanmar-Burma translation: zipped file

Download Nepali translation: zipped file


Update 2018

May 27, 2018

Great things happening in International Discipleship Literature, Praise the LORD!!!

Eunice and Pedro San Jaime were here from Spain, and not many people know it except the ones who can read our Spanish version but Pedro is listed in the credits in the book as a translator. He wasn’t the “hands on” translator, that was Margaret Burt, but Pedro was so essential in getting us all together, they listed him.

Ana Maria Penate is here, also from Barcelona, Spain, and she has been using our books in her counseling and handing them out to churches and needy individuals. Ana Maria will take a Spanish CD in PDF back with her in three months so we can print the books in Spain. We translated them in Spain 1O+ years ago but have not been able to print them there. We are on track to give Ana Maria a thousand dollars for the printing when she returns in a few weeks.

George and Betty (here from India) ate supper with us Friday eve and we were able to give them a thousand dollars plus two English CD’ s in PDF and George said this will enable them to translate and print in the Bengali and Punjabi languages. Tue Bengali people are in the south/central part where most of the jungle is, hence, Bengal tigers. George said most of the Bengali’s are of the lower caste but they are the ones Jesus told us to focus on. The Punjabi people are in the northwest corner near Pakistan in the Kyber Pass. Tuey will have this in their language for the first time.
Hallelujah !

Your generous contributions are allowing people around the world to come to know our Lord Jesus Christ not just as a Savior but as their very Life.

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Southeast Asia Literature Outreach Event

Dear friends,

We received a prayer letter from our associate, Gene.  On the first page shows a man holding a New Life in Christ book as is someone else on page 2. A man under the text “They received the Word with great eagerness…”  has a New Life in Christ book on his lap. Gene lists some of the books they took to the celebration;
NLIC is the first one listed.

We’re just running over with thankfulness to the LORD. This is “mission accomplished”; this is why we started International Discipleship Literature, We are blessed to be in the middle of a wonderful group of very spiritually gifted and committed people, including Gene and others who took our book to southeast Asia, the leader there, Mr. R.J. and Village Ministries Int’l who recently took us in.

Thank you LORD, Amen!
Roy and Pat