Southeast Asia Literature Outreach Event

Dear friends,

We received a prayer letter from our associate, Gene.  On the first page shows a man holding a New Life in Christ book as is someone else on page 2. A man under the text “They received the Word with great eagerness…”  has a New Life in Christ book on his lap. Gene lists some of the books they took to the celebration;
NLIC is the first one listed.

We’re just running over with thankfulness to the LORD. This is “mission accomplished”; this is why we started International Discipleship Literature, We are blessed to be in the middle of a wonderful group of very spiritually gifted and committed people, including Gene and others who took our book to southeast Asia, the leader there, Mr. R.J. and Village Ministries Int’l who recently took us in.

Thank you LORD, Amen!
Roy and Pat

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